The root to success in on line marketing

The root to success in on line marketing
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How to Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online - Choosing The Right Program

Since the internet boom, it’s no surprise an internet ‘marketing’ boom quickly followed. And what easier way to earn millions of dollars on the internet than to teach people how to earn millions of dollars on the internet? If you’re not already aware, people have made a living writing scam reviews and blogs about these ‘golden’ products; books and programs designed to guarantee you fortune. But even amidst a crowd of posers and con-artists, there still exists the occasional anomaly.

The question is: How do you find that scam-free anomaly?

Choose Your Weapon

To be blunt, you as the consumer need to learn how to ruthlessly cut the crap out of what you read, and a majority of the “Get Rich Now” and “Earn $10k Doing Nothing” is exactly that; complete and utter crap. The product you decide on needs to fit you as a person; it needs to have everything YOU are looking for. Don’t just be “told and sold” on what might create your success.

A few rules to live by:

1. First read the pitch of a program. Nearly every product will have the same pitch on their landing page. “Do you want to be your own boss?” “Do you want to buy a new home?” “Do you want yada yada yada?” You already know the answer so skip ahead to what’s really important. Find out exactly what the product is about and ask yourself the right questions. “What specific market am I dealing with?” “What resources am I being offered?” “Can I really see myself doing this?” The last question is something you always need to ask yourself. Most of the time, if you can’t see yourself doing it then, simply put, you won’t.

2. Read reviews, forum discussions, blogs, and anything you can get your eyes on about the product. But enter each with an OPEN mind. Remember that most failures in this business stem from a negative mindset, and that successful internet marketing isn’t a secret. It’s like a car. It works; it just depends if you know how to drive it, and if you want to drive it. Take notes on the good and the bad. “What did people hate about the program?” “What makes people happy with it?” “What credibility does the author have?”

Caveat Emptor: Be wary of affiliates. Oftentimes, a rave review is written by someone looking to sell a product without actually even owning it. If that’s the case then dig deeper. Contact them and probe around a little bit. Find out if they genuinely use the product and love it. Sometimes, unfortunately, a commission check can also be an author.

Choose your weapon and choose it confidently. It will change your entire approach to learning. Get in the habit of knowing what you want to know, then knowing how to get it.

Know Your Weapon

Once you’ve decided on a product, immerse yourself completely. Read it, learn it, master it. Don’t be sidetracked or distracted by other ads or promotions of products you didn’t buy. Remember that you ensured the quality of this product, that you chose the weapon best suited for you. But more importantly, know how “apply” your weapon. A samurai is a master of his katana; a Spartan a master of his spear. And as corny as a clich√© may be, it is the absolute truth.

So how do you apply?

Use the path of accelerated learning. In basic terms, jump into it without thinking. After you read it, DO IT immediately after. Your goal “IS” to get stuck, to hit a roadblock you never saw coming. Your next goal is to find a way out, and if your mindset has been right from the beginning, then you’ll do this with little frustration. Understand the internet is boundless with information, an infinite encyclopedia. You can find whatever or whomever you want in 4 or 5 clicks. And with every roadblock conquered is a world of new information, a world of applied information; the very best kind.

In short, think of it like a video game, a hair straightener if you’re female (no sexism intended). You can only read the instruction manual so many times, but until you play it or plug it, you don’t really know how anything works.

As Always, To Your Success


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